Founder of the Rett syndrome Association Vera Zvonareva starts a campaign "SunAngelDonate" to raise funds

Everyone can participate in the campaign by donating any amount on account of the Association. Donate here.

Announce your donation with a photo of the letter «A» in the sun. Use hashtag #SunAngelDonate, and we will post your photos in our albums and social pages!
Join now!

You can draw a letter «A» in the sun by yourself, or download a file for printing on white or colored paper.

Буква А в солнышке в акции Взнос солнечному ангелу для Ассоциации синдрома Ретта

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Vera Zvonareva:
Hello my friends and Merry Christmas!
I'm participating in a #SunAngel campaign to help kids affected by Rett syndrome. They need our help.
Let's start a New Year with a good deed!
Please join me! You can donate on our website or repost this video and our hashtag #SunAngelDonate.

Вера Звонарева в акции Взнос солнечному ангелу

24.12.2014 17:21